There are forces that wanna stop us from creating. From thriving the way we wanna. From joy, in whatever bizarre shape it has taken for us.

The forces are not this cute.

There’s but-everyone-knows.

There’s the bad kind of critics, and harpies and trolls and other fiends from the deep.

There are friends-and-relations who mean well (they really do).

There are The Way Things Are Done Around Here, Kid.

There are norms and unquestioned rules and archaic habits.

There are cruel people (and kind people) who are deeply invested in stopping us from doing the things that we doodle in margins and dream about and just wanna see exist.

And perniciously, some of those forces have set up outposts in our heads. They’ve formed guerrilla alliances with self-doubt and chinks in our self-esteem and every bad memory of every embarrassing failure we’ve ever had. (Even that one.)

So what do we do?

We rebel.

We fall down seven times, stay on our scraped knees pouting for a bit, then get up eight.

We give up for a bit and go play iPad games and feel bad about ourselves then get back into it.

We persist.

We stick wax in our ears and tie ourselves to the mast and scream ONWARD!!!!

We keep trying.

Because life is far too short for mediocre.

To help us both, I write articles exploring the pitfalls of my own attempts to create things and live a magnificent life. One “Oh my divinity, I thought it was just me” moment or your money back!