Want someone who'll lovingly kick your ass through the internet? Join the Spectacular.

There are forces that wanna stop you from creating that thing you dream of.

And they don’t look this cute.

There’s but-everyone-knows.

There’s the bad kind of critics, and harpies and trolls and other fiends from the deep.

There are friends-and-relations who mean well (they really do).

There are The Way Things Are Done Around Here, Kid.

There are norms and unquestioned rules and archaic habits.

There are cruel people (and kind people) who are deeply invested in stopping you from doing the work you most want to do.

And perniciously, some of those forces have set up outposts in your head. They’ve formed guerrilla alliances with self-doubt and chinks in your self-esteem and every bad memory of every embarrassing failure you’ve ever had.

It’s time there was someone on your side.

We’re here to champion your weird. Your truth. Your creative vision.

To be your ally in the fight to flatten mediocrity and deliver something great.

Come on in, lovely. I’m so glad you’re here.

*old guy with an epic beard*
Ready, hero? Start your journey.