“I am folding 1000 origami cranes this year.” TJJS Ep 12

ep 12 cover

Meg Worden makes origami cranes. I make granny squares. And we both clearly have a LOT of opinions on why that is a Good Thing.


Show notes!

  • The first attempt = buffalo
  • “My anger became impetus, I love it when that happens.”
  • I love the goal creep here
  • Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
  • Going to federal prison? Learn how to crotchet!
  • An alternative to spider solitaire and candy crush
  • The magical transition from conscious competence to unconscious competence
  • Practicing… well, practice!
  • Learning something tangible is different to something abstract
  • “Having faith that the practice itself is going to do the work it needs to do within your brain.”
  • The dreaded weight of needing to constantly make something original
  • And the relief of something with built-in Enoughness standards
  • “habituating the enjoyment of a practice” is a key to exercising, which I totes believe
  • Tetris reduces PTSD symptoms: “it gives your brain a chance to put things where they belong”
  • “There is more order in the universe. Take that, entropy!”
  • Abstract order imposition is possible too. But less good.
  • Why Catherine never smokes, and Meg loved it
  • Zentangles sound neat.
  • Pattern repetition is also soothing!
  • Does this apply more to people in entrepreneurial/uncertain professions?
  • If your life is small, should your craft be big?
  • The small thing makes space for the big things!
  • Everyone has a life that is full of abstracts. Making something tangible is the DUPEREST important.
  • Catherine’s breakfast everyday: Summer Porridge.
  • (1/2 cup dry rolled oats, 5 huge spoonfuls of yoghurt, 6 dried apricots sliced into bits. Yum.)
  • “Don’t get too judgey about what works.”
  • Do you make things? Have you started ‘cos we are hella convincing? Please tell us in the comments!
  • What will Meg wish for?
  • The intentionality of making for someone else.
  • One very charming story care of one of my roleplaying characters

Tell us about your makering below, belovedest!