“You can live your truth & be yourself in any profession (even your old one).” – TJJS Ep 10

ep 10 cover

In this episode, Elizabeth Potts-Weinstein and I talk about how to live your truth, in whatever role you’re in. I also prove that I am a history geek.


Show notes!

  • What is a profession?
  • What the standards are about… and what they aren’t
  • Trust and credibility might be different things from your professingness
  • The U2 Rule: Quality of the product inversely proportional to quality of the packaging
  • How not being truthful to yourself actually undermines that professionalism
  • Mistaking the display of professionalism for the substance
  • Being afraid to profess who you are
  • … because tigers will eat you
  • Mad props to Leonie Dawson!
  • “Not punk enough.”
  • Finding truth-friendly opportunities in sometimes unlikely places
  • “Being you is the only variable you can’t fuck with.”
  • The freeing feeling of admitting your love of wrestling (or whatever)
  • “I don’t think I really want to explain how we slayed a dragon.”
  • The practice of living your truth
  • You never stop being afraid… maybe even once you’re an old lady who gives no fucks
  • Forging your own persona armour!
  • What do you do if you accidentally varnished yourself into the corner?
  • The advantages of playing in a new space: no standards!
  • The love fixes the beginner’s wobblies
  • And so does practice!
  • You can’t be Gary Vaynerchuk as he is today. (You can be him on Day One, though.)
  • “If you wait too long your head gets full of other people’s voices… people who have been doing it long enough to sound very believable.”
  • Incremental truthfulness
  • “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds” – it was Emerson, actually. Oops!
  • The trap of needing to have it All Figured Out In Advance
  • Move to Bolivia or give up entirely
  • “I’m not changing my mind, I’m exploring my mind.”
  • The iterations get smaller, wahoo!
  • Taking off the armour = losing lots and lots of weight
  • Profound life lessons from terrible reality shows
  • Your truth really wants to be found

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