“Passion is a virtue. Mostly.” TJJS Ep 9

ep 9 cover

“Transcendence is not the boss fight at the end of the level.”

When you invite a writer on the show, you can pretty much guarantee great turns of phrase. This episode features my friend Patrick O’Duffy and I talking about Batman, passion, social media, and why cynicism is boring.


Show notes!

  • “Irony is a sometimes food.” (Especially if you’re a bearded hipster.)
  • We both have dogs! Photos at the end of the post.
  • Is social media anti-passionate?
  • “looking for signal over noise”.
  • The antenna, searching for signal.
  • Passion’s not passive, it’s a process! (Say THAT three times fast.)
  • It’s a filter, in both the screening sense, and in the Photoshop sense
  • When everything is filtered in the terms of your passion… that’s when it becomes a Bad Thing.
  • Like GamerGate, possibly.
  • Judging people based on their cars. And beards.
  • What you are passionate about still matters… especially if it’s setting puppies on fire. Or Hitler.
  • More seriously nerdy references, this time in regards to learning how to drive.
  • Passion can fill up all the space and leave nothing for paying the rent
  • Balancing passion with pragmatism
  • Lining up The Food Pyramid with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • “Transcendence is not the boss fight at the end of the level.”
  • Living a hatful life.
  • Is there a difference between following passion and chasing passion?
  • Life changes sometimes give us space – and a permission slip – for our passions
  • Overcoming the need for self-reliance through a Batman comic
  • Passion doesn’t mean the work is easy, tragically.
  • “Passion makes us do things that aren’t particularly logical, but are wonderful.”
  • Harry Potter and the Knit One, Purl Two
  • Picture of this epic cross-stitch is also below!
  • The difficulty of long-distance relationships with your passions.
  • Getting addicted to the feedback aspects of your passion
  • Caring about something enough to do the boring work of getting really good at it (because with the passion, the boring stuff… isn’t)
  • Cha-no-yu and devotion to the process
  • “Passion is like nitroglycerin, except it blows off your hope rather than your leg.”
  • Passion will take as much bandwidth as you give it.
  • “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.” – Winston Churchill
  • Being a fan, obsessive, otaku – maybe more about the social skills than the enthusiasm
  • Defaulting to cynicism: FUCK NO
  • “Optimism is occasionally silly, but pessimism is dull.”
  • Why we don’t like Birdman, but will see Jupiter Ascending
  • Patrick’s novella The Obituarist, wherein he foresaw the rise of the social media undertaker, and wrote this:
  • “All Twitter accounts are as unique as fingerprints, while all Facebook accounts are basically the same.”
  • A wavelength only you can hear, versus a language everyone understands.
  • Four different ways to get back on track after that segue! EESH.
  • 1. Using my Tumblr as Channel Catherine, the place I go to feel specific things.
  • Getting lost in the signal by boosting the signal
  • 2. Callback to episode 5, social media as a vector for the transmission of passion
  • Grafting other passions on, like a fruit tree, or an extra arm?
  • 3. The consumption of passion, versus the creation of it
  • “You can spend all your time eating other people’s passions, and it’s really not nourishing.”
  • You keep using the word glamour. I don’t think it means what you think it means.
  • Passion: works out all your muscles!
  • That great post-punk album, Ragging on the Zuckerberg
  • 4. The passion bubble, aka the paleo cult
  • Terrible cannibalism jokes? Don’t mind if I do!
  • Losing the capacity to talk to people outside of your passion
  • The origin story of That Guy!
  • #nailedit
  • “We know more about the slashfic than the actual cultural phenomenon!”
  • “Your passion crafts the space where you live. Every now and then you need to stop and ask, “Do I still want to live here?””
  • Our moral: If You Are Batman, Get An Alfred.

And as promised, here is Patrick’s dog:

ernie the dog

Here is mine:


And here is the cross-stitch I made for Patrick the year he left for Melbourne:


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