The Spectacular

Whoo boy, I’m setting myself up here, aren’t I?

I mean, I could have called this the Pretty Good Newsletter, or the Dangit I Tried Quite Hard Newsletter, but noooooooo I had to be all ambitious and cocky and call it the Spectacular Newsletter.

What have I done? What if I am having a terrible horrible no-good week and so I create a merely adequate newsletter? YOU ALL KNOW WHERE I LIVE. Granted, most of you are on the other side of the world, but airfares are increasingly reasonable so it won’t take more than two days, three days tops, before there’s a mob screaming for blood outside my house and I don’t think my neighbour would like that at all, especially if you mess up her pristine lawn, so perhaps I oughtta drop my standards and call this the Meets Expectations Newsletter so you can’t be disappointed, right?

No wait, this is Mediocre Be Damned. I will either be a sublime success or a fascinating failure. Or both. Yeah, both sounds doable.

And… kinda fun?

But do be careful with my neighbour’s lawn, guys. She works hard on that thing.

Want all of the unvarnished truth, plus weekly article digests?

Of course you do.

Pop your deets in here then!

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