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This isn’t the Catherine Show, lovely. This website is all about you and your search for magnificence.

Have you got something to share? A lesson learned in the salt mines, a terrible failure, a brilliant success? All of the above?

You can send an email to me ( or just use this nifty form below.

If your story works*, we’ll publish it for everyone to read. So don’t forget the bio part with links to your work and social media and alla dat. Share the love, I say.

*This is entirely an editorial decision, i.e. I decide. I know that as I get more submissions I will find some that don’t work, and when I do I will figure out some guidelines to explain why and I’ll publish them here. For right now I shall simply say that you aren’t guaranteed publishing, and leave it at that.


Big or small, weird or mainstream, we want to hear about your battle against mediocrity. Please, tell your tale.

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