“There’s room for improvement.” TTJS Ep 11

ep 11 cover

I don’t remember the last time I grinned so much while editing audio. Tanya Geisler is not only a splendid coach and speaker, she has a truly contagious giggle.

We’re talking a lot about the Impostor Complex, so you better believe this gets meta fast.


Show notes!

  • Driving with a blizzard in your car versus talcum powder in intimate places
  • “Speak or shit letters.” (German speakers, feel free to provide the accurate German version!)
  • The impostor complex as a handy signpost to what matters to us
  • Two possible reasons for this podcast to exist, one maybe more flattering than the other
  • The only legit answer to, “Who am I to do this?”
  • How do you discern between realistic objections and ones from your inner critic?
  • Trauma with Johann the adorable ski lift guy
  • “Your ministry is where your misery has been.”
  • Tanya’s TEDx talk
  • …and then tigers will eat me.
  •  Props to Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes
  • Props fight off tigers!
  • “The one-hit wonder gave in to the impostor complex.”
  • The narrative of success and why Eliza Dushku will be playing me in the biopic of my life
  • No montages.
  • If you can’t be a Top Ten, what’s the point? and other bullshit
  • The Wright Brothers were first, and that other guy
  • (Langley, I think?)
  • No-one remembers the also-rans, unless they’re Nikola Tesla
  • The world is better for your cupcakes.
  • If anyone designs a tattoo I love with that idea “It’s enough for it to exist”? I’LL GET IT INKED.
  • My pecans are none of your business!
  • Being a slave to the Making Things Machine
  • And my calzone-licious Instagram
  • Am I a worthy calzone?
  • Brené Brown
  • Credibility, creativity, and fumbling in the dark
  • Improving your expectations
  • “In service of what?”
  • Letting each chair take its own time
  • How do you know if your idea needs more time?
  • Terrible French accents!
  • Kicking your inner critic to the curb, and other useless strategies
  • Sandboxes have very few tigers in them.
  • Catherine’s terror ratio
  • Asking for help is a totally useful litmus test!
  • The prosaic Clash of the Titans
  • The Impostor Jar

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