TJJS Ep 5: “Change means giving up things.”

The Jibber Jabber Show Ep 5

In this episode I chat with my long-time friend, voice actor and inveterate pun-maker, Kevin Powe, about why change means giving up things, and almost immediately give up trying to count the number of silly voices we do.


Show Notes

Do we need to define the terms? Nah.
Kevin’s history of “progressively less dicking around”
…and there’s the first silly voice. Love it!
Definition #1: In order to accomplish change, you have to be prepared to give some things up.
Abandon cynicism!
It’s heartbreaking that you can’t do all of those things.
“Millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.” – Susan Ertz
You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.
I got to use the word “perforce”! Woo!
Second silly voice
The (maybe toxic?) meme of Accomplishing An Adventure
Any stretch activity has innate benefits
The girl who learned to dance in one year
Voice number three!
Reductionism is dangerous
The classic Samuel L. Jackson monologue, “Do I contradict myself, motherfucker?”
“Change is neither implicitly good nor bad, and often when we’re pursuing it, we’re doing so for crappy-ass reasons.”
The tragedy of osmotic goals
Definition #2: Sometimes you have to give up your ideas – and other people’s ideas – of where you should be going.
The Dreaded S-word.
Real change will not be possible until you give up some of the shoulds.
Fourth silly voice and counting. Actually, I will stop counting.
Giving things up as the admittance ticket for change
…it wouldn’t be a chat with Kevin without at least one terrible pun
Joseph Campbell’s mono-myth, Odin and sacrifice
What happens if you get stuck in the doorway? You get mediocre and pissy.
Important point: we are not talking about Following Your Dream
Amanda Palmer and “Fuck Plan B!”
Peter Ball (and his must-read articles on Die Hard)
“It’s irresponsible to be saying to people, “If you’re not living your dream, then you’re not living life”.”
The liberating realisation that I can do whatever I want with the format of this podcast, woo!
“How creatively liberating it is to know where next week’s rent is coming from.”
It’s tiring to feel like the elastic band that’s been holding back a Mack truck for months. Who knew?
(I can’t possibly transcribe that noise.)
Part-time job + part-time creator = exhilaratingly different way of being
“When curiosity goes, that’s the sign that the tank is empty.”
Definition #3: To change, one must give up The Comparisons Game
“It’s like being really good at being punched in the face.”
The desire to make concrete things
It’s hot! 39C hot! Thus I make fun of US people!
“If want you want is not good for you, many of the things you will give up to make it work are probably good for you.”
Heading in the wrong direction? Better take those wheels off!
The perilous Facebook feed trap: “Fuck it, Imma pick a direction. What could go wrOHGODBEESONMYFACE
Despite our history, I do not wish harm on the bees
Another giving up things example!
…and another terrible pun, this one my fault.
Definition #4: To have change, you must give up considerable amounts of your own bullshit
The Elizabethan ruffle, the stilts… and the boat anchor
What ARE boat anchors made out of, anyway?
The delight of other people’s enthusiasm
“People when they’re wildly enthusiastic about something are people at their best.”
Yay Jemina! And The Tardis Guy! And Ben McKenzie!
“…which is pretty much a gild-plated invitation to go completely fucking insane.”
Of course you’d get cameos in everything if you were Stan Lee!
Propmakers, cosplayers, and the admiration both for the craft and what they gave up
Cosplay as ritual magic
The Comparisons Game again!
“Clearly, one of the things you’ve given up is dicking around on Facebook.”
Things very productive people have clearly given up: excuses, half-assed efforts, quitting, crappy iPad games
It’s incremental, thank God
“Unhealthy goals require you to give up healthy things.”
A script to use on your friend with a critically ill child (or other fun-destroying situation)
Spoon theory!
And how spoon theory applies to change and giving up things
It’s the second time a guest has referenced Flow. (Have you read it yet?)
Giving up the enthusiastic-sprint-then-collapse method
Pacing improves your creative efforts
Giving up everything except two standards: must publish, must be potentially useful
Are authors marathoners or serial sprinters?
Two author friends we mention: Peter Ball again, and Patrick O’Duffy
I fail at false modesty
The history of an reformed apologiser
What I needed to give up in order to change into someone more helpful
“Sometimes you just give things up, and sometimes you go after them with a hatchet.”
Protips on breaking the bystander effect, plus the bonus from reading psychology books for fun
Mentally prepping for the situations where my default kinda sucks
Michael Garibaldi, telepaths, and pre-rehearsed versus spontaneous
The two main reasons I am terrible at chess
NaNoWriMo and structuring the environment, not the project
Finding just enough structure to get the butt in the seat, and let it play from there
Why you should never trust Kevin to navigate
I’m sorry, German people!
Road trip on a schedule versus freeform
Definition #5: To change (and be happy), you may have to give up your current default structure.
Your mileage may vary, but is pretty much guaranteed to require giving up: some ego, other people’s expectations, your outdated expectations
Learning to abandon the armour of bullshit and say, “I don’t know.”
He-Man Presents A Very Special Episode
I clearly don’t know how to describe an elephant

My Epiphanies

I am doing better at using structure as a tool to get my butt in the seat.

For example, I just started a teensy side hustle on a budget of two hours per week. I’m finding that is a stunningly brilliant tool to clarify what is important, and y’know, GET IT DONE.

What epiphanies did you have? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

  • evanhadkins

    One thing that helped a friend of mine was to draw her structure monster. (It had filing drawers for teeth.)

    • Kevin Powe

      That’s awesome and not a little bit terrifying at the same time. Is a structure monster a symbol of what’s holding you back/locking you in place?

      • evanhadkins

        It was for her. It was quite a liberating thing to do for her.