TJJS Ep 7: “Business is beautiful.”

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Business is beautiful? Whew, what a bold truth! I would expect nothing less from the sweet and stimulating Amanda Farough.


Show notes!

  • “When we embrace the beauty in our business, the striving goes away.”
  • Beauty an antidote to “Make more widgets, minion!”
  • Broadening our definitions to include everybody, ‘cos that’s how we roll
  • Everyone is an entrepreneur
  • Top-down mandated organisational beauty?
  • Our best Evil Overlord impersonations
  • The C-level execs, stamping out productivity widgets and adjusting their character sheets
  • “Pockets of beauty in a sea of mediocrity”
  • Mad props to the Ipswich City Library
  • “Librarians are the bomb diggity”
  • The slot machine theory of customer service experiences
  • All hail the bus driver man!
  • We expand the definition of business even further
  • “Having those little pockets of life where someone reaches out and metaphysically strokes you on the cheek to say, “I see you”, it’s world-changing.”
  • I write my epitaph
  • The opportunity to make beauty in this moment is almost always accessible. SCORE.
  • “The internet is a digital magic-making machine.”
  • Cultivating that opportunity in whatever it is we do
  • Not every widget is beautiful.
  • “Sometimes the sandwich is just a sandwich.”
  • The beauty in the challenge of showing up and not hating the widget
  • “Well, if it’s not always beautiful, then clearly I suck.”
  • “Acknowledging the suck is part of the beauty of it, though.”
  • The introspection required to recognise and articulate mid-suck
  • don Miguel Ruiz and The Four Agreements
  • “Always Do Your Best. Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.”
  • Invader Zim and Adventure Time, both strong recommendations
  • “Being busy is for crazy people.”
  • Amanda no longer says she’s busy. She just says, “not interested.”
  • Not allowing brain-pickers, but being fine with question askers
  • Instead of vague questions as a source of gaining understanding, read and research.
  • Delight us and we shall drop knowledge vomit on you!
  • “Transformation is not a spectator sport.”
  • The addiction to busy-ness
  • Amanda’s fortuituously written article!
  • You get to determine what is beautiful
  • …and avoid playing The Comparisons Game, hopefully
  • Avoid the EnvyBot 5000!
  • Waiting until the widget is the only thing in frame before you judge its beauty
  • Betsey Johnson high heels beautiful versus Target flats beautiful
  • Every sammich is beautiful
  • Do not live in the space of “Nope”
  • Nope versus no, two very different places
  • Introducing Future Catherine (again?)
  • And an accidental brilliance: living in ALLIANCE with your values
  • No = disengage, nope = refusal to engage
  • We will never beat you up for not having the energy for anything but nope. That would be wrong.
  • Mic-dropping on everything but getting the eyeliner right
  • Transitioning from nope to no once you regain a few fucks
  • Start with no
  • The difference between being a person with anxiety who is productive and a person with anxiety who is not productive
  • Being ruthlessly compassionate with your to-do list
  • The accidentally beautiful sammich
  • “Beautiful opportunities require a certain amount of focus.”
  • “If you want whatever it is you to do be beautiful, prepare to give some things up.”
  • Upside: they’re rarely the things you really want to do.
  • Downside: prepare for discomfort and self-consciousness about your hairy legs.
  • “Wouldn’t it be easier if I shaved these?” “It’d be easier if I didn’t care.”
  • #nailedit
  • The amazingest pun I never meant to make: EnvyBot 5000 and his endless attachments
  • “You are beautiful and you make beautiful things, every single day.”
  • Amanda’s Instagram and my Instagram are both waiting!

As promised, I made a shop for your beautifully illustrated interpretations of our smartness! Get in touch if you want to know more!

My epiphanies

Living in alliance with my values. It’s roughly one squillion times more powerful than alignment.

I’m still reeling from this idea, and will undoubtedly explore it further over time.

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  • Lori Paquette

    What a treat! Both of you on one podcast. So enjoyable. <3