TJJS Ep1: “I’m obsessing about femininity in spirituality.”

ep 1 cover

It’s the very first episode of The Jibber Jabber Show, and even editing the audio was giving me nerves. We’ll talk about that.

My guest is the utterly splendiferous Kyeli Smith, and she has a lot of thoughts to share about the place of femininity in spirituality.


Show notes

  • The difference between religion and spirituality
  • Why do humans need this spirituality thing, anyway?
  • Books! The Dance of the Dissident Daughter
  • Being raised in the Southern Baptist tradition
  • More books! Red Hot and Holy
  • Being the divine Muppet of God
  • So what does this obsession do for/to/at you?
  • A witch, but not the Buffy kind
  • Having a transcendent spiritual experience
  • “When you start praying, “Bring it,” shit gets real.”
  • The intense and amazing (and odd) workings of the intuition
  • Why self-employment is a huge spirituality awakener
  • Another book! The Alchemist
  • “Weird and wacky, but I can smell the truth coming off it.”
  • Granny Wetherwax, Kyeli’s fictional hero. (From the Discworld books. MOAR BOOKS.)
  • Paying attention to the signs, plus the science-nerd version
  • Science and spirituality: meeting in the middle
  • Surprisingly resonant books! The 3rd Alternative
  • More logic does not mean less spiritual, and vice versa
  • … and all the way back to the beginning!
  • Catherine and Angelina Jolie in a room together
  • Bringing the femininity back to all of us
  • How do we define femininity, anyway? (Late, but whatevs.)
  • Masculine spiritualism as asceticism, rules, direction, all up in our brains
  • Benedictine monks plus kung-fu monks
  • Feminine spiritualism as intuitive, earthy, nurturing, in our bodies
  • Nothing can take away your man points
  • We both cuss like sailors and hug like angels
  • Bringing wholeness to ourselves, our spirituality and our religion
  • The similarities between “Let It Go” and “Defying Gravity”
  • Letting go of the spring in the box
  • Playing with roles like kids do
  • “Follow the rules that make your heart sing, and make up the rest!”
  • “Accept the innate weirdness of the human condition.”
  • Last book, we think? A Year of Biblical Womanhood

My Epiphanies

I woke up the next morning with a thought ringing like a tiny brass bell in my head. It said:

Information + Insight = Wisdom


Months later – have I mentioned that this entire podcast idea scared the beejeezus out of me and may possibly have caused me to delay for a long long time? – that equation still feels real and true and useful.

What epiphanies did you have? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

  • Tangerine Meg

    It made me so happy to hear this conversation when I re-listened again today! Now I’ve tabs open to look at All The Books *and* got a visual in my head to make a picture of angels who both hug and cuss! I’m in the cussing angel crew too 😀