The Unbreakables

Whatever your Pursuit is (a DVD series on wakeboarding, a rose trellis, a better nailgun, a foul-mouthed puppet?) it has some inherent rules, some places you Cannot Go and have it still be the same thing that you first thought up.

For example: in my biz at, the driving philosophy of the business is that it’s possible to make money and be happy at the same time.

So some of the Unbreakable rules for my biz include:

  • Never do anything just for the cash.
  • Don’t take it seriously. Take it passionately.
  • Don’t avoid the tension. The tension is where the interesting stuff happens.
  • Only work with people who really want to give me money.

I regret it every single time I break these rules. Every. Single. Time.

So you know what? I stopped breaking my rules. And my quality of life and output and business and fuck-yeah went up by 21598710967%. (Science!)

If I find myself doing this, SHIT MUST CHANGE.

These rules flow outward from the core premise. They’ve guided strategic decisions, creative output, and have kept the website and business remarkably consistent through the last few years. It is gorram fricking fabulous to have rules laid down to keep your Pursuit on track, especially over long time periods.

Good rules are an intelligent constraint. They mean you know what the right decision – and maybe more importantly, the wrong decision! – is, every time you have to choose. Good rules protect you from fucking up when you’re tired or meh or just can’t be bovvered.

Good rules keep you consistent, reliable, trustworthy, and uncompromising in whatever elements you know you never want to compromise on.

Got it? Good rules are the bomb.

So what are yours?

If you read that last sentence and your shoulders just went rigid around your earlobes, don’t worry.

I’d like to help. For free!

The Dude approves.

How about this? You and I meet up for a half hour and talk about your Pursuit. We’ll uncover any rules you already have and haven’t quite articulated, dig up a few more you’re going to be so goddamn grateful in future you got sorted, and also give you a few useful questions to ask yourself to keep digging up more rules as you go along.

We’ll distill your experience and values down into a short, un-mis-interpretable list of Rules You Will Always Regret Breaking.

‘Cos oddly, it’s a lot easier to keep your rules once you actually know what they are.

Question time!

Can you sign up if you already have some Unbreakables and you want to question them, fine-tune and improve them?

Heck yes you can!

You just need a Pursuit that you’ve begun or are about to begin, with a rudimentary understanding of What it is, How it’s being delivered, Who is going to appreciate it, and Why you’re making this instead of anything else.

How it works

You sign up for the next available Unbreakables slot in the form at the end.

(Spaces are limited, lovely: I tetris these sessions into spots that aren’t already taken by paid work. So you may have to wait a bit before your turn.)

I’ll send you a bit of homework beforehand. Nothing scary, just a few groundwork questions to answer so we can dive straight in and rock your world.

And then, we meet! We’ll talk over Skype (or I’ll use Skype to call your landline, if we gotta) and dig into the meat of your Pursuit. Don’t worry, I’ll be recording the call so you can go back over it afterward instead of trying to take furious notes while we chat.

By the end, you’ll feel more grounded, secure and confident in your Pursuit. You’ll know that you have some intelligent guidelines for the work, ones that protect it and keep it safe. (Including from you.)

Then you’ll have the work of implementing those Unbreakables, of course! (Here, I wrote a guide to get you started.) In the future, you may break or bend these rules, but you’ll always do it consciously. And that is a meaningful change.

This is my gift to you, lovely.

Because I adore you, and your Pursuit.

Love and Godzilla,

The form!