A mini-festo on uneasy vs uncomfortable

Try nothing that makes you uneasy. Try everything that makes you uncomfortable.
Mad props to FollowTheseInstructions for the original image.

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This is one of my personal mantras, and one that has made my life a much, much, much better place.

Once you learn the difference between feeling uneasy (which is a signal you’re about to violate one of your personal standards) and feeling uncomfortable (which is a signal you’re about to violate your comfort zone), you can start to be a true accidental rebel.

Love and peanuts,

  • Tanja Gardner

    The trick, I’m thinking, is getting clear on the the difference between how “uneasy” and “uncomfortable” feel in your body. At least at the beginning, they can be easy to confuse!

    • http://www.CashAndJoy.com Catherine Caine


      • http://curvesnangles.wordpress.com/ Karen J

        Poking around in Catherine’s archives here, and about to “thumbs up” this comment, Tanja, and I see I *already did that*! LOL
        Still – a really valid point.

  • http://tangerinemeg.com/ Tangerine Meg

    Thanks for this, gorgeous!
    Yes! The words can initially seem similar – the distinction between them is the key :)
    Meg x o

    • http://www.CashAndJoy.com Catherine Caine

      You’re welcome, squishyface. :)