Want to tell your tale?

I have decided.
When writing posts that are just
Things you need to know

I shall write them as
Haiku. This forces me to
Be brief, which is a

Godsend to all of
Us. This practice shall begin
Today, now, and here.

If you want to talk
Of your experience, your
Marvellous Pursuit,

We want to hear it!
The wildly experimental,
The playful, the sad,

Words, images – still
Or restless – sounds, or
Any other mejum,

Only three rules! Learn
More. Then take flight, my dear.
(We cherish your weird.)

  • http://remadebyhand.com/ Erin Kurup

    Best informative post EVER. This is awesome! And yes, I would love to tell my tale. I’m a’thinkin’ :)

    • http://www.CashAndJoy.com Catherine Caine

      We would love to have it!

  • http://www.beawesomeonline.com Kevin Powe

    A voice for acting
    No fairytale job offer
    So I’ll make my own

    • http://www.CashAndJoy.com Catherine Caine

      The best fairytales
      Always feature a princess
      Who rescues herself.

      • http://curvesnangles.wordpress.com/ Karen J

        I really needed to see this, this very minute – Grazie! Grazie!
        A year ago, I was still hiding and didn’t know it.

        • http://www.CashAndJoy.com Catherine Caine

          Catherine is glad.
          Kevin is prob’ly glad too.
          ‘Cos we are helpful.